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Vasakhi: What Really Happened?

From the eye witness accounts…

According to the Gohj pothi Sahib (diary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, kept by Bhai Har Singh Ji) read by Sant Giani Gurbachan Singh Ji Khalsa Via Bhai Hajoora Singh Ji (head Granthi: Hazoor Sahib at the time).

Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaaj set up a Tent of 2.500,000 in Takhhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib (Anandpur Sahib) Where Guru Granth Sahib Ji was parkaash according to the (hand written) Gohj Katha pothi Sahib. Maharaaj had fully bathed (Kes and body) in Anandgarh. All Sikhs have gathered in the city upon invitation to Sikhs from all over the country where numbers have totalled to 10,00,000, all bowing to the great master of masters who have all 5 Kakaars already worn and have seated on the throne at Kesgarh Sahib. After Asa Di vaar Kirtan booming the blissful grounds of Anandpur Sahib, Guru Sahib took centre stage and in a lashing fashion drew a Kripan out of their myaan.

Before this, guru sahib had stayed in ‘ikaant des’ (on their own in solitude focus) for 13 months where nobody had appeared whilst Guru Ji prepared the roop of the Khalsa panth. As the electricity lashed off the Kirpan being drawn out with force, Guru Sahib demanded: “There is a need for one head”. At this stage the masands became afraid that Guru Sahib would want the heads of their own Sikhs and some sangat approached Mata Gujri Ji and said that Guru Ji had gone crazy and suggested that Sahibzaada Ajit Singh Ji should be given the Guruship, and Guru Sahib should be locked within the house. Thus Mata ji sent their servants to see what miracle Guru Sahib was doing.

After the third announcement of their initial spoken line, Bhai Daya Ram Ji, (previous birth: the son of Bhai Ram Chandar Ji, where they lived the avtar of Lowe who had established Lahore) humbly put their hands together and offered that his head was present before Guru Sahib “Please forgive me for not getting up on the 1st and 2nd call, I am sinful, please remove my head”. Guru Sahib asked whether he had any bodily pain or was affected by enemies in any way, and the reason for wanting to give his head. The humble servant replied: “Guru Ji, this head was yours from the day that I appeared in your sanctuary.” At this stage, Bhai Daya Ram Ji was beheaded and his head was offered before Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj.

Those faithless, loveless people who have stated that any breed of animals were cut, is false information. Guru Ji exited the tent with a blood dripping Kirpan and demanded for one more head (note: it was not specifically said who’s head: male or female, Guru Ji just stated “one head”, thus no women had come forward), the sangat was shocked at seeing this and some started to shake in fear. Thus, the next servant Bhai Dharam Singh Ji (Previous birth: Bhagat Dhunna Ji, born Gurdwara Mothi Baag, Delhi) offered their head who was beheaded and donated to Guru Granth Sahib Ji. This evidence is also provided by the English witnesses in their accounts. The third call after this, brought along Jagan Naath Puri habited: Bhai Himmat Singh Ji (previous Birth: Fandhak a hunter who upon the request Chandarak Munni, went to hunt a Chattar Pujji: a 4 armed bird. After so much searching of this unheard animal, his wife ran away after stating that there is no such thing and that the Chandarak Munni has just tricked Fandhak, leading to us dying of starvation because all time was being spent on look for the 1 bird. Upon giving up, when about to light himself dead on a pyre, Vishnu took the form of this nonexistent 4 armed bird and appeared to save committing suicide. Thus, the hunter quickly caught the bird and offered it to the Chandarak Munni where god had done this just to fulfil the desire of his devotee who longed to meet Vishnu through worship. Thus, Fandhak regretted that he had thought of committed such a sin and begged for forgiveness, god then stated that he will be forgiven when god will take their 10th form in Kaljug and beheads him.) The 4th call brought Bhai Mokham Singh Ji (previous birth: Bhagat Naam Dev Ji). The 5th Servant from Bidharpuri: Bhai Sahib Singh Ji (previous birth: Bhagat Senn Ji) who was also beheaded. Thus the 5 were strictly tested. Guru Ji then prepared Amrit and fed it to through dead corpse’s mouths to alive them again and bless them new lives.

(Please note: All Bhagats were previously liberated and 1 with god BUT only returned to take a human form for service of god: like Gurbani states can happen)

Whilst Preparing the Amrit, water was used from the river: Satlug and the 5 prayers were recited (Jap Ji Sahib, Jaap Sahib, Tveh Prsaad Svayeh, Chaupai Sahib and Anand Sahib) in a slow, peaceful, blissful manner spending 2 ½ hours. Whilst the Amrit lay in the iron Bata, 2 birds arrived and upon pecking some Amrit in, they ended up fighting each other so ferociously that they killed one another. At seeing this, Bhai Gurbakhs Singh writes in his eyewitness account that they hurried to Mata Ajeet Kaur Ji and stated that the Sikhs would become so vicious as such that upon drinking this Amrit they would end up killing each other through fighting, thus something should be done and added to the combination to keep the love amongst each other. Thus Mata Ajeet Kaur took pataseh (sugar flakes) in the presence of Guru Ji, where Guru Ji stated that “good you have arrived” because now there may be some sweetness, some love amongst the Sikhs whereby then on, alongside giving birth to warriors, there will also be love within those offspring. (Note: some are confused by the wrong assumption that Mata Sahib Kaur had inserted the sugar flakes, but Mata Sahib Kaur’s wedding proposal had not even come at this stage, they were married a year later). Thus the 5 beloved ones were blessed with Amrit which after, Guru Ji then put their hands together and begged for the blessings of Amrit also from the 5. At this stage, the 5 questioned Guru Ji as to what they will give in exchange for this blessing as they had given their heads, and Guru Ji replied that “ I will sacrifice by entire family for the Khalsa Panth” (where later 22 immediate family members had become martyred).

Some have recently questioned that Guru Ji has stated that only Amritdharee GurSikhs are allowed to be part of the 5 beloveds to bestow Amrit to others, so how did Guru Gobind Singh Ji bestow Amrit without have Amritdharee originally? The answer is simply that the ‘Amrit Sanchaar’ as we know it was previously known as “Charan Poul”, where devotees would drink form the water that Guru Ji has inserted their feet in to, from which one would become Amritdharee. This was the ceremony from Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s time to Guru Tegh Bahadur Sahib Ji’s time. Thus Guru Gobind Singh Ji had taken ‘Charan Poul’ from their father and ninth form: Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji Maharaaj and the ceremony was changed as Guru Ji was aware that they were going to pass on the Guruship to Guru Granth Sahib Ji Maharaaj, and control of the Khalsa Panth would be bestowed to the 5 beloved Amritdharee Singhs, thus knowing there would not be a bodily formed Guru as such to bless ‘Charan Poul’.

Amazing discovery: when baba Attar Singh Ji (Mastuaan Vaaleh) had dug the foundation stone of Takhhat Sri Kesgarh Sahib for seva, they had actually found the papers of names of the 4 Sahibjaadey, Mata Ajeet Kaur Ji and Mata Sundar Kaur Ji’s entry in to the Amrit Sanchaar. In total, estimated 20,000 Sikhs took Amrit on this precious day which rose to 80,000, leaving all differences of previous mistakes, colours, casts and creeds behind. Thus, Guru Ji had released a total new colour as one ultimate race with all qualities (scholarship, warrior ship, honest work employment and serving others).

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