Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Shaheedi Youth Kirtan Darbaar!!!

in Rememberance of the Singhs giving Shaheedi in Panjab Today and for the Chardi Kalaa of Khalsa Panth..

Saturday 2nd June 2007
6.30pm to 7.30pm: Sikhi Camp Prize Ceremony and Kids Kirtan
7:30pm to Midnight: Youth Kirtan Darbaar

Gurdwara Panth Parkaash,
Ashford Road,
off Welford Road,

Kirtanis Confirmed so far:

- Satnam Kaur (West Mids.)

- Kaurageous Singhaniya

- Leicester Youth Singhaniya - (Gurshinder Kaur and Penjis)

- Pardip Singh Dhadi and Accapella Jatha (West Midlands) Dhadi

- Surjinder Singh (Leicester)

- Kuljit Singh Katha (Leicester)

- Manvir Singh (Lemington Spa) Katha

- Inderjit Singh (Smethwick) Katha

- Sukhwinder Singh (Sukhi Birmingham)

- Jaspreet Singh (Leicester)

- Randeep Singh (Leicester)

- Jagjit Singh 'Juggy' (Coventry / DMU)

More Ragis yet to be Confirmed.. updated shortly!

Please Attend and let others know..!

[updated 25/05/07]