Monday, 2 January 2012



Happy New Year to all!

It’s been a very busy year for us here at Leicester Sikhs with over 6 camps this year for campers aged between 5 and 18. With the Guru’s grace an average of 260 campers attended the camps. Thank you to all parents/guardians and youngsters who have been supporting the Sikhi Camps.

Following on from these camps, a regular Panjabi and Sikh School has been established at Oadby Gurdwara. The classes have now been running for over eight months and with the Guru’s grace, as of 21st December, the student count is 92 with classes running daily.

Since September, we have been blessed with a number of (youth) kirtan programs, Yoga classes, santheya classes, talks and seminars with De Montfort University and University of Leicester Sikh Societies as well as a regular Gatka class that takes place every Sunday evening at East Park Road Gurdwara.

You may visit to view previous posters and event photos.

Some of you may be aware of the Rik Basra Campaign. Rik as diagnosed with a blood cancer (AML) in Sept 2011. In order to survive Rik was told he would require a bone marrow transplant. Doctors told Rik his chances of finding a match were very small, as there is a real shortage of Asian blood stem cell donors on the Anthony Nolan database, Only 4% of.registered donors are Asian. To address these issues Rik's family, friends, and Police colleagues set up the Rik Basra Campaign. The aim of the group is to increase the number of Asians registered on the Anthony Nolan database.

The Rik Basra Campaign was launched at Diwalli.A follow up event was held at the Guru Tegh Bahadur Gurdwara (GTB) at East Park Road on the 11th Dec. The event was organised by the Rik Basra Campaign, Leicestershire Police and the GTB Gurdwara. A great deal of support was given by the Gurdwara Committee and sangat. Further events are planned, for 2012 details to be announced shortly. The event was a huge success with just over a 1000 new Asian donors registered in Leicestershire and records numbers across the country following the publication of Rik's story. Rik himself has found a match from a Punjabi male living in Germany. Rik is recovering from the transplant that took place on Christmas Eve.

Following on from this event, the Leicester Sikh Lobby Group (SLG) have organised a ‘Save a Life’ campaign which will run during Vaisakhi 2012. Representatives from the Rik Basra campaign will be in attendance. The launch of this blood donation campaign is taking place on 15th January 2012 at Oadby Library, led by the Mayor of Oadby and Wigston. The event is in association with Leicestershire County Council, NHS Blood and Transport dept., and all Leicester Gurdwara and Mandirs. Please show your continued support for these campaigns. Event Poster can be seen in our Profile Pictures.

Finishing off on another very high note, Leicester Sikhs sevadars have been informed that the project for Leicester’s Sikh School is progressing with the grace of the Satguru. Weekly meetings are held to discuss the progress of this project.

The Leicester Sikh School website is updated regularly:

We urge all friends to visit this website and click on the ‘support’ page and fill in the online survey’s to show your support for the Sikh school.

Also please like the Leicester Sikhs School FACEBOOK page:

Again, wishing you all a happy new year and with the Guru’s grace may this year bring us all happiness, peace and more love for one another and the Satguru.

If you would like to get involved with any of the projects/seva, or if you have questions about events, Sikhi, projects, getting around in Leicester (gurdwara locations, gym, classes etc), please contact us by email -

Calling all young professionals: We have a number of projects we’re working on (as well as the Leicester Sikh Lobby Group and Leicester Sikh School projects) and there is always space for more Young like-minded professionals to join the Leicester Sikhs network. So please get in touch! (“,)