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Sikhi Camp - Footsteps 4

Yo Yo Yo… There’s been some interest and questions asked about the next Sikhi Camp...

Well.... Ju no, Rumour on the streets of “Lestawh” has it…..
The Next SIKHI CAMPPPP… (Footstep 4 )

……is around the corner…..!!!!! :-O

Well…. In the last week of December….

Wednesday 26th December to Monday 31st December!!!! :)

ANYONE aged from 5 to 18+ is welcome!!!

And the best thing about it.... ITS WINTER HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!




But For now.... Just Sit Back and Wait for more details to come through via email, Wait for the letter to come thru the post....

and dont forget to check out any updates on and all details will also be posted on

BUTTTTTT..... 2 things:

1 - Put your thinking Dastaar and ask yourself.... "What THEME might this camp be based on???"
Hint: hmmm... it will be something to do with Sikhi.. 8-)

2 - PLEEEEEEEEEEEZ keep these dates freeee :) and FORWARD this email to Friends + family, and anyone with younger brothers, sisters, friends .. and Chacheh Dhe Mundeh Dhe BabySitter dhe Neighbour!


:: Bouncy Castles :: Sumo Suits :: Archery :: Treasure Hunt :: Shooting ::

:: Cludo :: Jenga :: Discussions :: Courtroom Debates ::

... "BareTingz gwaning"

And obviously… all updates will be on:

ALSO ..................






Sikhi Camp

Footstep 4

Wednesday 26th Dec to Mon 31st Dec 2007

Ages 5 to over 18's.

Also Sevadaaars over 21 needed, please :)

Need more info?



Poster + Details will be uploaded on the BlogSpot shortly.....

Waheguru Je Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Je Ke Fateh!!!!!!

Charan Saran Gur Ek Penda Jai Chal...

Sat Gur Kot Paida Aagai Hoey Laeth Hai

Leicester Sikh Youth Forum in association with De Montfort University Sikh Society, University of Leicester Sikh Society, All Leicestershire College Sikh Societies...

'The Chhote Sahibzade' - DMU Sikh Soc

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Pic of the Week

Dhan Dhan Sahib Sri Guru Teg Bahadur Ji' Hukamnama

Monday, 26 November 2007

It is better to be dedicated on principles than to win on lies.

"Jayant a college student, met with the following incident.

Jayant and his couple of friends had gone to Delhi. They rented a taxi for local sight-seeing. The driver was an old Sardar, and boys being boys, Jayant and his pals began cracking Sardarji jokes, just to insinuate the old man. But to their surprise, the fellow remained unperturbed. At the end of the sight-seeing, they paid up the hire-charges. The Sardar returned the change. Moreover, he gave each one of them one rupee extra and said, ''Son, since morning you have been telling Sardarji jokes. I listened to them all and let me tell you, some of them were in a very bad taste. Still, I don't mind coz I know that you are young blood and are yet to see the world. But I have just one request. Here I am giving you one rupee each. Give it to the first Sardar beggar that you come across in this city.' Jayant continued,' That one rupee coin is still with me. I couldn't find a single Sardar begging on the streets of Delhi '

Friends, we all love sardar jokes. But the fact of matter is that Sikhs are one of the most prosperous and diversified communities in the world. The secret behind their universal success, according to me, is their willingness to do any job with utmost dedication. A Sardar will drive a truck or set up a roadside garage or a dhaba, but he will never beg on the streets."

Received in an email from a friend...

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Pic of the Week

14 March 1984, Amritsar India - Armed Singhs sit in front of the Amrit Sarovar within Harimandir Sahib

Monday, 19 November 2007


DMU Sikh Soc + Leicester Uni Sikh Soc Present....
Wedensday 21st November 2007
6pm till 10pm
Guru Nanak Gurdwara
9 Holy Bones,

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pic of the Week

wOw - "Taus, Sing(h)er, Tabla"

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Pic of the Week

This Gurudwara Sahib is at Gwalior Fort. Gurdwara Data Bandi Chhor marks the place where Jahangir imprisoned our 6th paatishah, Sri Guru Har Gobind Sahib Ji, for two years.

Sunday, 28 October 2007

Pic of the Week

The first generation of Singhneean to wear dastaaran to School

(Everyone recognises the equality in Sikhi -

Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Pic of the Week

Such a wicked picture.. Sant and Sipahi

Friday, 12 October 2007

:: Sikhi Camp :: Mid Term Holidays ::


Sunday, 7 October 2007




GUEST SPEAKER: Kuljeet Singh

Wednesday 10th October 2007

Hawthorne Building

Room 1.05


Tuesday, 31 July 2007


Name: Amrit Kaur Location: Canada Month: August, 2007

Congratulations on being selected the youth of the month, please tell us a little bit about yourself to begin with including your hobbies, interests, your school and memberships?

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!

I am very fond of anything spiritual, artistic and thought provoking. I enjoy immersing myself in painting, song-writing; singing and classical guitar, creative writing, poetry... spiritual concepts such as Naam, Amrit, IK, Shabad, and Merging fascinate me, and the occasional mind-blowing spiritual conversations are very dear to me. I love learning and I'm never done learning... During my time at Acadia, I started off in philosophy, then music technology. I transfered to Concordia and now I will complete my BA after all, in psychology.

Were you brought up in a gursikh family? How do you feel your family, friends, and sangat have impacted you looking at yourself now?

No, I was not brought up in a Gursikh family. My father is Catholic, and my mother who was a determined atheist only recently became a new-born Christian. My parents were never married, and did not live together. In my earlier childhood, I stayed with my mother. It was a very frightening time in my life, and a hard time in hers. I was surrounded by alcohol, drugs, bars, poverty and abuse. Because of these circumstances, I was handed over to and brought up by a lot of different people, all of whom have shaped me in some way. These include but are not limited to: strangers in homeless shelters, foster homes, relatives, my grandmother, and family friends.

All these experiences taught me so many things. Firstly, I developed a strong distaste for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, bars and the like. To me, they are the symbol of pain, broken homes and hearts. This saved me from bad company and situations many a times.

Secondly, because I was changing schools and moving all the time, living out of a suitcase, I came to realize that NO ONE and NO PLACE is ever permanent. I will always have to pack my bags, and go. This is a lesson in Sikhi too: Don't attach to your family, friends, spouse, not even y our own body as you will have to leave it too. I didn't belong anywhere, I never stayed long enough in one place to build close friendships, I was bullied or laughed at more than liked. The Fre nch call me English, and the English call me French, I have Native blood, but I am not Native, and neither am I Punjabi. I am a cultural mutt. Spending so many years like this, belonging nowhere, alone as an outsider and stranger, I was - without a place to call home... I had made my body my temporary walking home and my mind, my companion, and music a soothing ointment - but even these will not stay with me. I was drenched in pain, and on this search for "Home", I came to the shelter of Sikhi, empty handed and thirsty.

In my later childhood, I went under the custody of my father. This changed my life completely. He taught me respect by respecting me. He taught me gentleness, by never yelling or calling me names. He taught me acceptance by laughing with me when I made a mistake, and saying "no one is perfect"... Today he is not only my father, but a dear friend. I used to ask him questions about God, and why we are on the Earth, why do we suffer, and what's the purpose of life... very patiently, he would try to answer them the best he could. This became the seed of my spiritual life, and I continue to ask questions, learn and try to understand.

As for Sangat ... Without sangat, I would never have heard about and learned about Sikhism. I would never have made it to that first and special samagam. I would not have had the courage to walk the path. I would not have met, and been able to look up to the role models before me, in awe and wonder, and secret jelousy which made me all the more thirsty, seeing their radiant faces... I would not have found my real kindred family, and I would not have been able to join them... singing the songs of Gurbani... Without them, I would not be where I am now... and to them, I am indebted a thousand times over. May Waheguru Ji bless them with His grace and Name.

What inspired you to get on the path of Sikhi? What interested you? Was there any one thing that kept your motivation and faith sky high?

The profound experience of pain, made me question why we are on Earth and why do we suffer. Pain brought me on the journey of seeking out the Truth of human existence. For over 10 years, I searched and searched in all directions. I looked at so many religions, and tried many things and ways of life. Nothing stuck, nothing felt right, nothing belonged to me. I didn't know anything about Sikhism, and perhaps I would have never heard of Sikhism if it wasn't for God's grace that one day 3 years ago a sikh lent me a copy of Jap Ji Sahib Ji.

"One Universal Creator God" ----- long pause ----- my mind was enraptured, yet trying to grasp the meaning. The words took life and mesmerized me. Only ONE God? God is All there is? Permeating everywhere and everything? ----- "THE NAME IS TRUTH" ----- I stared at the words in shock, surprise, stung by its purity and truth. It did not say God's name is Allah, Ram, Jehovah, Yahweh... It said God's name is (the essence of) TRUTH. About 10 minutes passed in this way. I read the rest of the Mool Mantr. I can not describe how I felt... but it was like suddenly finding that 'thing' that was inside you all along, this truth that didn't have a voice, was so bluntly, and simply infront of me in written word. And it was at that moment that I met and fell in love with Gurbani.

From there, I learned more about Sikhism and started reading more Gurbani. Some road blocks appeared here and there; doubts, questions, and misunderstandings... But with time, education, discussions, help from sangat, and Gurbani, I started to grasp what Sikhism is all about, and how it is practiced in daily life. If ever any doubts remained, then Gurbani washed it all clean. Slowly, with Guru Ji's kirpa, I decided that I will live the life of a Sikh.

Many things keep me on the path, with faith, and hunger. The stories of the lovers of God, saints and bhagats who've thirsted for and have been blessed with the jewel of Naam. The lives of our Gurus and of Gursikhs. Sangat in it's various forms; inspires and uplifts me, reminding me of the way. And above all, my ultimate companion, sangat and inspiration; Gurbani. Bani is so mystical and deep. It is the poetry of the lover who yearns to merge with the is a vast and endless ocean of Truth and peace. Infront of the embodiment of Truth, my small problems become quite insignificant. Infront of the embodiment of Truth, I become even more thirsty for merging... in that thirst, there's no more questions, no more doubts, only LOVE and Melting.

In your opinion, whats the best way for youth to learn about Sikhi and to encourage them to take amrit and follow the path of Guru jee?

The best way to learn about Sikhi, is to take the dive. Even if you don't know anything at all about Sikhism (as I started off), ask questions, and find answers. Read as much Gurbani as you can, and find the Guru-ward sangat.

As for Amrit... the only prerequisite is love and thirst. Don't think about if it is convenient for you or not. Don't think about "what others will think". Don't think "later". Remember Vaisakhi - when Guru Ji asked the thousands present "Who will give their head to me"?... Guru Ji asks this very same question on every occasion where there is an Amrit Sanchar. What will you say to Him? "No Guru Ji, not now... maybe later... I'm not ready yet". What kind of love and devotion? Become His now... and He will make you ready, and He will arrange everything for you, He will find ways to teach you what you have to know.

There are no bounds to the joy, bliss and peace that comes from taking the Sacred Amrit, and being soaked in the Lord's love. Pray that Waheguru Ji may give you this rare opportunity in this life, and don't turn back if given the chance.

When did you get blessed with Amrit and what was the reason you wanted to give your head to Guroo Maharaaj? How did being blessed with Amrit change your lifestyle? How were your family with this?

Sunday, September 4th, 2005. It was about my fourth visit to a Gurdwara, and my first samagam. By the miracle of Guru Ji's grace, I was blessed with Amrit, and was named Amrit Kaur. Remembering that day brings me back to that time and place, and all the emotions... it still feels like yesterday.

The reason? Logic is useless, when Love prevails. I was sitting in sangat since the very early morning, listening to simran and kirtan, and something happened inside of me. Memories of all the wrongs I've committed, things I regretted, were flashing in my mind. I was acutely aware of my demerits, my faults, my blunders and sins, my filth and foulness. My stench of a being. But, at the same time... I was also very conscious of the miracle and mercy Waheguru Ji was bestowing upon me, having that chance of sitting among the sangat and listening to His Praises. My soul melted. How could God, be so forgiving, so merciful, so loving... to a dirty blackened sinner like me?! I felt Him calling me, and asking me... if I will give myself to Him. If I would die for Him. I could not say "no" to Guru Ji and I drank the Amrit... I can't tell you my emotions... it is by far the most beautiful day of my whole life...

After Amrit, my life changed. I was living on clouds for many weeks! And I had to get used to the 5k, and other rehit. Keeping my hair wasn't too big of a change for me. I never liked cutting my hair, and shaving seemed pointless. I was already vegetarian since some months because of ethical and ecological reasons, but after Amrit it became set in stone. Just being strict vegetarian is a huge challenge in this society and in my family. It generated a lot of discussion, and my father often got frustrated that I would not eat the same thing as him. Most French Canadians can not even imagine that a vegetarian diet could keep you alive... But now after 2 years, even my father occasionally eats vegetarian meals with me.

Only my father and friends know that I am Sikh. My father accepted that I am sikh, but could not understand the kirpan. It was a very big issue for a long time. To him, it was clearly a weapon and nothing else. I hid it under my clothes the best I could, as to not upset him. Now he is somewhat ok with it, I haven't hurt anyone yet, haha. Covering my head is also a very big problem in my house. I wore bandanas, but my father would call me "pirate" and give me cold looks. One day I wore a turban in front of him. He jumped back, taking a big inhale of air, eyes dilated in shock, horror and fear. It hurt me, because I care for him, he is a really good person, but he doesn't fully understand Sikhism. It is only recently, after all the stories and explanations that he's starting to understand Sikhism, and that it's not related to Islam or Hinduism, and that Sikh women have rights. All this made me realize how uninformed and/or misinformed most westerners are about Sikhism. I, myself didn't even hear the word Sikhism until I met a Sikh who told me. I think it is high time that sikhs realize the importance of connecting with and opening up to the community at large to spread awareness on Sikhism and Sikhs.

Despite the little difficulties, Sikhi is my path, my breathe, my life, and hope of life. And I will continue to follow it, with Guru Ji's Grace.

There seems to be an ever growing battle in the western world to tackle the vices which can seriously affect our Sikhi. What would you say can help overcome these in our day to day life?

With every action, you have a choice to 'do' or 'not do'. Before engaging in anything, ask yourself if it will bring good in the end. If not, don't do it. Don't plant even a seed, though it may seem innocent, but can grow into an opportunity for any of the five vices. Learn to say "No" to situations that can deviate you away from Sikhi and good conduct. Don't let your mind control you no matter how it tries to trick you, you have to control it!

In Sikhi, we are taught to become Saint-Warriors. We must use that Warrior aspect, on our own minds to tackle the five vices. They are our real enemies, they perpetuate duality. How to destroy them? Use Truth as the Sword of your mind. Stay determined and do not waver; keep your mind sharply focused on the Truth - which is found in Gurbani, the Truth that is sharper than a razor blade, straight and hair-thin as the edge of the Sword. In this way, whatever thoughts or impulses that are false will be destroyed.

We must also use the Saint aspect. How? The measure of our success in this world, is Love. If we are thirsty, and melting in love for the Lord, then we know we are on the true path. On the other hand, if we don't have love and thirst for God, then we should reconsider what we are doing, and how we are living. You will know you are on the right path, when love and thirst for God well up to overflow inside. Without the Name and Love for the Lord, everything is false. The falsehoods only bring pain, emptiness, and shame. Realize that these vices, in the end only bring excruciating pain - they eat at us from the inside out. If you don't believe me, test it, see that it is not real happiness. Youth, money, reputation, popularity, 'beauty', and material possessions... the more you care about them, the more they will hurt you in the end. It is only till we turn to God, and become Guru-ward, become the saint-warrior, live a life of sadh sangat, seva, simran (true congregation, selfless service, remembrance), and Gurbani... until we live in the world but become dead from the world... that we will find peace from the burning fire of the vices.

What are your views on Today's youth?

They are full of potential! They are the future of the Sikh Panth! They have the power to revive the spirit of Sikhi, and inspire others to follow on the path. They have the power to unite the Sikh Panth, by realizing that a Sikh is a Sikh is a Sikh. They have the power to bring peace, by realizing a human is a human is a human. They have the power to change the world, through the teachings of the True Guru - and by doing Seva for the Earth, animals, and all humans irrespective of religion, caste, creed, gender, language and country of origin, so that other communities my be inspired to do the same. Today's youth, by the grace of the True Guru, have the potential to become Khalsa, and True Devotees of Waheguru Ji, soaked and drenched in the love of Naam.

May the youth realize this potential, which can be easily forgotten amongst the nitty gritty of everyday life...
And may they act upon it...

What is your message to Sikh youth reading this interview right now?

You have the opportunity to follow the path of Sikhism! Realize your luck! There are millions of truth-thirsty people on the Earth, who would be amazed at the Truth of Gurbani, if only they had the chance. Don't forsake the most beautiful and priceless jewel! Realize your luck!

The time is Now! Don't wait till your old age to begin to jap (chant and meditate) on the Lord. Don't wait till your death bed to remember Him and get thirsty for Naam and Merging. Pray to Waheguru Ji! Who knows when we will have to leave this Earth?

Take the Dive!

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!

PS: Please forgive me for anything that I may have said that is inaccurate or incorrect. I am still just a student in Sikhi, grasping for the Truth.

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer the above questions,
and we hope you can continue to carry the torch of Sikhi and inspire others alike.
SikhSangat Sewadars

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Job Vacancies :: July 2007

With the increasing number of people who are graduating or entering the public / voluntary sector / teaching departments, LeicesterSikhs.BS will be uploading upcoming Leicester vacancies every month or so...


Take on one of the most rewarding challenges in setting up and running the first ever National Sikh Resource Centre

Co-ordinator, National Sikh Resource Centre, Leicester – Up to £15k

The National Sikh Resource Centre will comprise the 1984 Justice and Freedom Centre and the offices for several national Sikh organisations. Reporting to the eleven-member Management Board of the Centre, the Co-ordinator will be critical to setting up and delivering an executive support service and co-ordinating the activities of numerous volunteers from across the UK.

The role includes responsibility for:

  • Providing executive support and input to nine working groups concerned with a range of British Sikh community issues and linked to long term objectives in the UK, Europe and elsewhere.

  • Liaising with the UK Government, European Parliament, United Nations and other agencies as directed by relevant working groups.

  • Driving forward and developing the relationship with the media and non governmental organisations.

  • Working with Gurdwaras and Sikh organisations in the UK and abroad in promoting the activities of those supported by the National Sikh Resource Centre.

  • Developing and maintaining a database of wanted human rights violators for the 1984 Justice and Freedom Centre and liaising with an international team of Sikh lawyers.

  • Managing the work of the International Sikh Advisory Board and developing the World Sikh Lobby Network.

  • Designing and producing high quality publicity and promotional materials and maintaining oversight of on-line information on activities of the National Sikh Resource Centre.

We need someone who can seize every opportunity to take forward an exciting initiative. You will need to demonstrate good organisational abilities and excellent communication skills. Appropriate academic qualifications are welcome.

A candidate pack, which includes application details, can be requested by emailing or ringing 07919 166163. Please quote reference: SRC/JUL07.

Closing date: 13 August 2007


Dear All, we are currently recruiting for the following vacancy:

Development & Research Senior Administrator (Business, Development & Research Unit)
Full–time, Permanent position
Scale 6, pts 26 - 28, £20,895 - 22,293

Job description and person specification are attached.

Closing date for applications: Monday 30th July 2007. By 12:00 noon, letter and up to date cv addressed to Dorothy Spence please. Interview date tbc.

Laura Hayes
Personnel Administrator


Closing Date for applications: Monday 30th July



For Study Visits Programme Coordinator, closing date for submission of applications is 14 September 2007.

Study Visits Programme Coordinator




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International Keep Your Hair Day ~ Launch ~, Launch of IKYHD 14th July 2007

In commemoration of Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh Jee and the other Shaheed of the Panth.
A call to ALL Non-Amritdhari's and to our brothers and sisters who have not kept their Kesh.
WHEN: Saturday 14th July 6pm
WHAT: The Launch of the International Keep Your Hair Day - An event which will encourage you to keep your hair for a MINIMUM of 40 Days with help and support of Gursikhs from your area.
WHERE: GURDWARA GURPANTH PARKASH, Ashford Rd, off Welford Rd Leicester
WHO: English Katha by Bhai Roop Singh and Bibi Sarveen Kaur as well as other Guest Speakers from all over UK
Presentations by Bhai Navreet Singh
BOSS Stall with FREE Literature, DVD's and CD's
WHY: It's time to go Back to our IRON ROOTS!

Supported By: Takhat Sri Sachkhand Hajoor Sahib, AKAAL Productions, Akhand Keertani Jatha, BOSS, Damdami Taksal International, Guru Nanak Nishkam Sevak Jatha, Respect For Guru Ji Campaign, Sikh Educational Advisory Services, Tarna Dal (Khiyala) and ALL other PANTHIK Jathaybandia

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Monday 16th July to Saturday 21st July
Ages: 5 to 18!!

Camp Ages:
Monday : Ages 5 to 7
Tuesday : 8 to 9
Wednesday : 10 to 11
Thursday and Friday : Ages 12 to 18
Saturday : Youth Kirtan and English Katha

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Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji [ Hukamnama ]

ang 661

dhunaasuree mehulaa 1
Dhanaasaree, First Mehl:

Guru Nanak Dev jee went to dipalpur Sahib. Wherever maharaj wanted to sit and rest, people would not let him sit. They would make him move on. Guru jee took Bhai Mardana Jee and Bhai Bala Jee and went and sat outside the village opposite the makeshift hut of a leper. Guru jee told Bhai Mardana Jee to play the rabab. They sang this shabad, and by doing so cured the leper.

When he was cured, everyone realized maharaj was a divine light, and fell in his feet. Guru Jee then made this cured leper into a preacher in that town. The people of the village began to come to him for spiritual instruction as an ambassador of Guru Nanak’s Sikhi. [from Guru Nanak Prakash].

Dipalpur Sahib is now in Pakistan. It once was the capital city of Punjab. There still exists a gurdwara called Shota Nanakana although parkash is not done there.

jeeo thuputh hai baaro baar
My soul burns, over and over again.

Guru jee said Look at this leper, he is suffering, similarly the soul also suffers just like water boils over and over again.

1 BAARO BAAR: Falling into hells of miserable lives, through jealousy or attachment to wealth.

2 BAARO BAAR: Sometimes these people go knocking on the doors of others spiritual people or gods or goddesses, but they receive nothing.

3 BAARO BAAR: Just like sand is heating in the fire, the soul burns in this way.

4 BAARO BAAR: Just like the soul burns in the coming and going of reincarnation

5 BAARO BAAR: Just like the individual suffers with the attachment to pleasures of the eyes, ears taste, touch and smell

thap thap khupai buhuth baekaar
1 Burning and burning, it is ruined, and it falls into evil.

2 Tap tap Sometimes the soul burns thinking it wants the pleasures of heaven, sometimes it burns indulging in corrupt practices

3 Tap tap Sometimes it burns in anger, then burns in wishing ill fate on someone

4 First the soul desires pleasures, but the by products of that pleasure always brings pain so the soul burns in this way.

jai than baanee visar jaae
those people who forget the ambrosial bani from their minds [sookham body : conscious mind]

jio pukaa rogee vilulaae
cries out in pain, like a chronic patient. 1
Just like the leper cries out when pus and blood emanates from the warts on his body the person stuck in corruption who has forgotten bani, cries out when the pleasures they are stuck in turn to pain.
Do not think that these people are following gurmat the gurus way

buhuthaa bolun jhukhun hoe
To speak too much and babble is useless.

Some people have the habit of talking too much. Just like a person in a court if he talks too much is guilty of contempt, similarly, only empty people will talk too much and this is not pleasing to the lord. They preach loads but do not really follow what they are saying.

vin bolae jaanai subh soe
Even without our speaking, He knows everything. 1Pause
The lord knows everyones state of mind even if they did not talk.

jin kun keethae akhee naak
He created our ears, eyes and nose.
1 That lord who has given these ears [for us to listen to truth]. Has given us eyes to get darshan of sangat and guru jees darshan, the nose has been given to take in the scent of the lotus feet of guru jee [ie to bow in the feet of the guru]

2 The nose is praise through the use of our breaths with simran.
Just like in India when somebody is considered to be slandered or embarrassed they are said to have no nose [Nak vadea] Thus if someone has the eyes to get darshan of guru jee, and the ears to listen to praise..then without the nose [praise] one is seen to be incomplete.

jin jihuvaa dhithee bolae thaath
The lord has given us a tongue to :

Taat: speak beloved words- not to hurt others
Taat: to talk about the true meaning of your path [sidhant]

jin mun raakhiaa agunee paae
The lord kept the mind alive in the fiery womb

vaajai puvun aakhai subh jaae
when the baby is born, people celebrate, news of the baby is heard in the air;
but naturally if someone holy has come into this world the world naturally will know and vice versa with evil people coming into this world

jaethaa mohu pureeth suaadh
all the attachements to the body, the love for scents and love for nice tasting foods

subhaa kaalukh dhaagaa dhaag
All these sins and false attachments are stains. Just like a cattle that is of no use, the owners let it go but brand it with black irons first. Similarly a person with these attachments is marked with these stains on the soul.

dhaag dhos muhi chaliaa laae
these stains of attachment go with the soul to the court of the lord

dhurugeh baisun naahee jaae
where they shall find no place to sit in the Court of the Lord;
They will have to wander around in reincarnation

kuram milai aakhun thaeraa naao
If with good destiny one can say his name

jith lag thurunaa hor nehee thaao
Becoming attached to it, one is saved; there is no other place that will provide this lifeline.

jae ko ddoobai fir hovai saar
1 Even if one is drowning, still, he may be saved- if he accepts that he needs saving

2 If somebody drowns in the name of the lord, they will be saved

naanuk saachaa surub dhaathaar

That once drowning – now saved individual will become a giver on the path of truth himself just like the leper that guru jee saved.

Attachments to worldy pleasures always leads to pain. The aim of this life is to be attached to only the name of the lord which will provide contentment to a person thus making them detatched.

There is always a chance for one to be saved as long as they are humble enough to admit they need saving.

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Sunday, 3 June 2007

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Shaheedi Youth Kirtan Darbaar!!!

in Rememberance of the Singhs giving Shaheedi in Panjab Today and for the Chardi Kalaa of Khalsa Panth..

Saturday 2nd June 2007
6.30pm to 7.30pm: Sikhi Camp Prize Ceremony and Kids Kirtan
7:30pm to Midnight: Youth Kirtan Darbaar

Gurdwara Panth Parkaash,
Ashford Road,
off Welford Road,

Kirtanis Confirmed so far:

- Satnam Kaur (West Mids.)

- Kaurageous Singhaniya

- Leicester Youth Singhaniya - (Gurshinder Kaur and Penjis)

- Pardip Singh Dhadi and Accapella Jatha (West Midlands) Dhadi

- Surjinder Singh (Leicester)

- Kuljit Singh Katha (Leicester)

- Manvir Singh (Lemington Spa) Katha

- Inderjit Singh (Smethwick) Katha

- Sukhwinder Singh (Sukhi Birmingham)

- Jaspreet Singh (Leicester)

- Randeep Singh (Leicester)

- Jagjit Singh 'Juggy' (Coventry / DMU)

More Ragis yet to be Confirmed.. updated shortly!

Please Attend and let others know..!

[updated 25/05/07]

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Sikhi Camp in Leicester.. Half Term Holidays..


Followed by Youth Kirtan Darbaar (SATURDAY: 6:30pm to 10:00pm)

Monday 28th May to Saturday 2nd June 2007

Gurdwara Gur Panth Parkaash,
Ashford Road,
Off Welford Road,

Ages: 5 to 18!!

Camp Ages:
Monday : Ages 5 to 7
Tuesday : 8 to 9
Wednesday : 10 to 11

Thursday and Friday : Ages 12 to 18

Saturday : Youth Kirtan and English Katha

(Update on Kirtanis and Katha Vaachaks to follow... )


For now, Check out the Previous Camp Trailor, below..

Monday, 30 April 2007

Happy Vaisakhi to all

Welcome to the Leicester Sikhs BlogSpot!
This Blog will keep us all up to date with all events happening all around Leicester, including all gurdwaras in all areas!
This site is working alongside the De Montfort and Leicester Uni Sikh Societies, as well as all Leicester School and College Sikh Socities.

Over the next few weeks, we will be uploading many videos from the Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh Gatka Akhara (Leicester (UK)) displays and videos from camps!!!

In the meanwhile, as we upload the Videos from the Young and inspiring Gatka Akharas Display at Leicester Nagar Keertan (Vaisakhi 2007), check out the Video below, which is the first ever display the youngsters organised. It was held at City of Leicester School, where many of the gatka students also study!