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Dhan Guru Nanak Dev Ji [ Hukamnama ]

ang 661

dhunaasuree mehulaa 1
Dhanaasaree, First Mehl:

Guru Nanak Dev jee went to dipalpur Sahib. Wherever maharaj wanted to sit and rest, people would not let him sit. They would make him move on. Guru jee took Bhai Mardana Jee and Bhai Bala Jee and went and sat outside the village opposite the makeshift hut of a leper. Guru jee told Bhai Mardana Jee to play the rabab. They sang this shabad, and by doing so cured the leper.

When he was cured, everyone realized maharaj was a divine light, and fell in his feet. Guru Jee then made this cured leper into a preacher in that town. The people of the village began to come to him for spiritual instruction as an ambassador of Guru Nanak’s Sikhi. [from Guru Nanak Prakash].

Dipalpur Sahib is now in Pakistan. It once was the capital city of Punjab. There still exists a gurdwara called Shota Nanakana although parkash is not done there.

jeeo thuputh hai baaro baar
My soul burns, over and over again.

Guru jee said Look at this leper, he is suffering, similarly the soul also suffers just like water boils over and over again.

1 BAARO BAAR: Falling into hells of miserable lives, through jealousy or attachment to wealth.

2 BAARO BAAR: Sometimes these people go knocking on the doors of others spiritual people or gods or goddesses, but they receive nothing.

3 BAARO BAAR: Just like sand is heating in the fire, the soul burns in this way.

4 BAARO BAAR: Just like the soul burns in the coming and going of reincarnation

5 BAARO BAAR: Just like the individual suffers with the attachment to pleasures of the eyes, ears taste, touch and smell

thap thap khupai buhuth baekaar
1 Burning and burning, it is ruined, and it falls into evil.

2 Tap tap Sometimes the soul burns thinking it wants the pleasures of heaven, sometimes it burns indulging in corrupt practices

3 Tap tap Sometimes it burns in anger, then burns in wishing ill fate on someone

4 First the soul desires pleasures, but the by products of that pleasure always brings pain so the soul burns in this way.

jai than baanee visar jaae
those people who forget the ambrosial bani from their minds [sookham body : conscious mind]

jio pukaa rogee vilulaae
cries out in pain, like a chronic patient. 1
Just like the leper cries out when pus and blood emanates from the warts on his body the person stuck in corruption who has forgotten bani, cries out when the pleasures they are stuck in turn to pain.
Do not think that these people are following gurmat the gurus way

buhuthaa bolun jhukhun hoe
To speak too much and babble is useless.

Some people have the habit of talking too much. Just like a person in a court if he talks too much is guilty of contempt, similarly, only empty people will talk too much and this is not pleasing to the lord. They preach loads but do not really follow what they are saying.

vin bolae jaanai subh soe
Even without our speaking, He knows everything. 1Pause
The lord knows everyones state of mind even if they did not talk.

jin kun keethae akhee naak
He created our ears, eyes and nose.
1 That lord who has given these ears [for us to listen to truth]. Has given us eyes to get darshan of sangat and guru jees darshan, the nose has been given to take in the scent of the lotus feet of guru jee [ie to bow in the feet of the guru]

2 The nose is praise through the use of our breaths with simran.
Just like in India when somebody is considered to be slandered or embarrassed they are said to have no nose [Nak vadea] Thus if someone has the eyes to get darshan of guru jee, and the ears to listen to praise..then without the nose [praise] one is seen to be incomplete.

jin jihuvaa dhithee bolae thaath
The lord has given us a tongue to :

Taat: speak beloved words- not to hurt others
Taat: to talk about the true meaning of your path [sidhant]

jin mun raakhiaa agunee paae
The lord kept the mind alive in the fiery womb

vaajai puvun aakhai subh jaae
when the baby is born, people celebrate, news of the baby is heard in the air;
but naturally if someone holy has come into this world the world naturally will know and vice versa with evil people coming into this world

jaethaa mohu pureeth suaadh
all the attachements to the body, the love for scents and love for nice tasting foods

subhaa kaalukh dhaagaa dhaag
All these sins and false attachments are stains. Just like a cattle that is of no use, the owners let it go but brand it with black irons first. Similarly a person with these attachments is marked with these stains on the soul.

dhaag dhos muhi chaliaa laae
these stains of attachment go with the soul to the court of the lord

dhurugeh baisun naahee jaae
where they shall find no place to sit in the Court of the Lord;
They will have to wander around in reincarnation

kuram milai aakhun thaeraa naao
If with good destiny one can say his name

jith lag thurunaa hor nehee thaao
Becoming attached to it, one is saved; there is no other place that will provide this lifeline.

jae ko ddoobai fir hovai saar
1 Even if one is drowning, still, he may be saved- if he accepts that he needs saving

2 If somebody drowns in the name of the lord, they will be saved

naanuk saachaa surub dhaathaar

That once drowning – now saved individual will become a giver on the path of truth himself just like the leper that guru jee saved.

Attachments to worldy pleasures always leads to pain. The aim of this life is to be attached to only the name of the lord which will provide contentment to a person thus making them detatched.

There is always a chance for one to be saved as long as they are humble enough to admit they need saving.