Saturday, 14 June 2008

Pics of Kirtan Darbaar

Pictures from the Kirtn Darbaar on Saturday (07/06/2008) at Guru Nanak Gurughar:


mehrvaan said...

wah wah sant ranjit singh doing kirtan

Akaal Sahaaye said...

Veerji good fotos....

I am karandeep singh khalsa, visiting Uk next month in july to do my PhD in uni of Lboro. I need acomodation at some gursikhs place. Can anybdy help me. I am married and my wife is also coming with me. If possibe plz help me since i dnt wnt to live with smokers and drinkers as all othr studnts of the uni may be and at their accomodation.

I request you to kindly reply soon, i am willing to pay rent if required or any gurdwra can accomodate us ...I am complete Baane vala singh with my keski wearing bibi knows kertan in raag (not all raags).

Plzz its a request

reply at

singh said...

singh can you come to friday programme at gtbg

Anonymous said...

karandeep ingh is big man

maharaj kirpa on him

wish this guy with best of luck

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